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DLA stands for Disability Living Allowance, but some feel should be called Deliberate Lies for Action. As that is sometimes the only way some can receive disability living allowance!! Cases upon cases of people who are severely disabled get no help at all from DLA. WHY? Because if you tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth in your horrendously complicated DLA application book, you probably wont get a cent!! Unless of course both legs are missing, you have tried at least three times to commit suicide and succeeded once. disability living allowance

Ask any charity involved with Disability Living Allowance, its questions are a nightmare and full of unsuspected pitfalls for the honest thinking person. Of course you can always appeal through the ITS (Independent Tribunal Service) and wait and wait....... Even then you may find the hearing is not so 'independent' after all, unless you appear on a hospital death bed strapped up to a life support system. We have the case notes, the refused letters and the letters of desperation sent to these departments, we find it sad - very sad for a 21st century - so called - developed country. disability living allowance

After over two years of being involved with this system, we found a very distressing fact. If you are truly disabled, of good standing, and answer in total honesty, you will be one of the thousands that will be pressured into an ongoing stressful situation, at the end of which you still get nothing at all from the DLA. If however you are a born liar or a good actor, you will be among the thousands who get the maximum. GUARANTEED!!

But still the system carries on without change, abused by the many and inadequate for those in genuine need. One saving grace is that during all this, you will be treated pleasantly and with the greatest understanding by the staff of the DLA. Who have the worst job of interfacing between a grossly discriminating system and upset claimants. A job they cope with extremely well. For those of you brave enough to try for this benefit which can be worth over £400 per month, the enclosed may be of some assistance. disability living allowance

DLA is a non means tested tax free benefit for those with an illness or disability, available up to age 65. You need to have been sick for at least 3 months and expect to continue sick for at least another 6 months. For people under 16 their is a special claim pack. Claim packs are available from a local benefits office or by phoning free on 0800 882200.
Social Security
DLA covers two main areas of disabling illness, mobility and care. The rates vary according to the severity of the disability caused.
This is the hard part of every application, to know what to write in what section in such a way that it is interpreted to receive the amount of money you need.
Disabled Pensions
There are very few independent organisations that can truly help you overcome the complexity of completing a DLA application.
While your local Citizen's Advice or Social Services may have a specialist to help, it is usually no. DLA have their own free-phone number for help in completing the form, however this tends to be basic and a yes - no solution. A successful application however relies more on the endless paragraphs of personal information you write, knowing the 'keywords' or 'phrases' to use is imperative.

You will need to enlist the help of a friend or the local CAB for help with filling in the endless pages in the forms
Avoid anyone who either asks to keep your book or ask for regular weekly percentages of your benefit. This is very illegal. You can appoint someone else to collect your money if it is difficult for you, but this is normally family member or friend.Disability Now disability living allowance

Only use the amounts shown as a guide. The rules for benefits mean that your individual circumstances may affect the amount you can get. This means you will not always be able to work out exactly how much you will get by using these amounts.

Disability Living Allowance Weekly amounts:
Paid because you need looking after (care component)
Highest rate £62.25
Middle rate £41.65
Lowest rate £16.50

Paid to help you get around (mobility component)
Higher rate £43.45
Lower rate £16.50

As many have found though, what you are entitled to and what you get are often totally different. The secret is the right wording for the asked question. One important golden rule is imagine your absolute worst day and complete the form with this in mind. Any mention of things like "some days I can walk better" seems to immediately reduce or eliminate mobility need to the DLA officer.
For example:- You suffer varying paralysis that needs a wheelchair six days a week. But one day you can actually walk say 100 yards. You will find their decision will be based on 'you can walk 100 yards' and the fact you are virtually paralysed will be ignored. So no mobility allowed! Over the past two years we have seen countless absurd rejections based on this sort of wrong assessment by the DLA.

Do not lie, but do not tell all the whole truth either and omit any mention of good days. Your worst days could become permanent unless you receive the help needed now. DLA is not just for totally paralysed or people with severe mental disorders, it is for everybody who is disabled or very sick and in need of some assistance with care and / or mobility needs. It is meant to circumvent worsening of your health or doing things that might put you at risk.

People die or have serious accidents everyday due to lack of care that should have been provided.
Please don't be, or let someone you know be, one of them.

For those over 65 there is Attendance Allowance which is similar. For those who work over 16 hours week, there is Disability Working Allowance which can be paid in addition to DLA. This is all tax free and extra to any other benefits received.

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