Drugs, drugs and more drugs. Each drug needing another drug to counter side effects and so on!

That's the way a lot of doctors would like us to be. A nation of legal drug poppers.Drugs and natural medicine.The irony of it all is that a lot of these powerful, addictive and physic destroying modern drugs prescribed to us are in fact originally derived from natural sources such as plants and the like. A good example being the common Aspirin. When plagued with a headache our ancestors would have a quick nibble of willow tree bark. Bye bye headache! Very natural and no side effects. Then along comes a giant pharmaceutical firm, synthetically duplicates it, adds some chemicals and hey presto - the Aspirin was born - along with an enormous fortune.Alternative medicine and remedies.

Drugs and toxins are killers.

t would be rather non practice for us all to locate and chew a piece of willow bark for a headache. But there exists hundreds, if not thousands of commonly available and natural remedies for as many ailments. Remedies that could already be in our every day diet, if we knew what to eat. Instead, we pop along to the doctor and pop a load of pills.Addictive drugs.So how do you break free of the pill popping pendulum? Drug remedies. We suggest trying Drug Rehab Facilities to assist in breaking that vicious and dangerous cycle. A Non-Profit Drug & Alcohol Rehab Referral & Placement Service .

Just read on......Each week we will be adding the best and easiest remedies for every type of ailment, disease or other medical disorder and help you achieve peak mental, physical and emotional health. Without popping synthetic pills by the score.Health in mind, health in body.

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